Inclusion Committees

OES Board Inclusion Committee

The purpose of the Inclusion Committee is to ensure the School’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, is realized throughout the school.  This commitment is articulated in our Community Statement.

As an Episcopal school, we recognize that learning happens in community, and building a diverse and inclusive community is essential. To that end, the Inclusion Committee oversees our commitment to our Diversity and Value Statements, all of our strategic initiatives, and ensures adequate resources are allocated  to meet our stated goals.

The Committee reviews the School’s performance in diversity, equity, and inclusion through a dashboard to monitor key performance indicators, and proposes major initiatives to support those goals. The Committee works closely with the Inclusion Advisory Council.

Inclusion Committee Members
  • Chris Riser
  • Sylvia Salazar
  • Jeanine Fukuda
  • Nathan LeRud
  • Lucy Reynolds
  • VJ Sathyaraj
  • Donovan Smith

Inclusion Advisory Council

Oregon Episcopal School seeks ethical, culturally competent, and visionary individuals to serve as members of the Inclusion Advisory Council. Council members work to advance and promote the commitments outlined in the Oregon Episcopal School’s Diversity and Values Statements.

One of the roles of the Inclusion Advisory Council is to engage the community in dialogue and conversation about equity and inclusion work. The question, "why is equity and inclusion work vital to our school?" was asked to provide multiple visions of why this work is at the heart of our values and mission as a school. It is a reminder, provocation, and invitation for all in our community to engage in considering the why of our equity and inclusion work.

Inclusion Advisory Council Members
  • Miriam Del Greco
  • Laura Axon
  • Allison Caruthers
  • Jeanine Fukuda
  • Priya Kansal
  • Suzanne Lee
  • Ellen Pippenger
  • Sachiko Vidourek
  • Dyan Watson
  • Jenny Wolochow
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