Middle School Students Encouraged to Create Quiet Time and Personal Space

As we continue to navigate our way through the pandemic, and knowing that during times of uncertainty we are all more vulnerable to face mental health challenges, the Middle School has recently brought back a practice of holding space for our students and teachers to find moments of stillness. We recognize that when faced with stress and feelings of overwhelm, opportunities to take a break can help us to restore and heal. We encourage our students to notice how they are feeling and to ask themselves, "What do I need in this moment?" Sometimes we need a distraction. At other times, we need to connect with others. And sometimes, the moment calls for reflection. 

The Middle School "Quiet Space" is a place where students can rest and allow their brains time to settle, to sort through the "mental clutter," and to just “be” rather than to be doing anything. Twice a week, during recess after lunch, the "Quiet Space" offers an open invitation to students and teachers to leave their backpacks and shoes at the door, and enter a space where the lights are turned down, a few candles are burning, calming music is playing, and meditation cushions and blankets are available for their use. Students and teachers can come and go quietly and for whatever amount of time they want or need that day.